When Sleeping

When air isn’t moving freely through your nose and throat as you sleep, you begin snoring. Enhanced air intake during sleep equals less snoring. The Tru-Breathe Nasal Dilator is a highly innovative sleep aid system which can reduce the severity of, or eliminate, snoring. Without sleep-time interruptions from snoring, you wake up refreshed and reenergized.  

When Active

Combat oxygen deprivation and enhance oxygen intake through uninterrupted breathing. The Tru-Breathe Nasal Dilator, with its anti-slip design, can be worn during no-impact moderate to strenuous activity.  Place Tru-Breathe in each nostril prior to walking, hiking, fishing or other non-contact sports or activities.  Athletes can also use Tru-Breathe as part of their sport's recovery routine.

No Surgery. No Gadgets.

This new, innovative, patented solution may be what you have been looking for to make breathing a breeze! No surgery. No cumbersome apparatus. No unsightly gadgets. No wasteful disposable products. With Tru-Breathe, you have a beautifully-crafted, sterling silver nasal dilator with a lifetime warranty guaranteed! Inventor and Founder Ray Snyder is on a mission to help people truly breathe better, and thus live better…let him help you, with Tru-Breathe.

Note: Snoring can signal a more serious problem like sleep apnea or sleep-related breathing problems. If you have concerns about your condition seek advice from a medical professional.