Tru-Breathe® Testimonials


Wayne O. Wells, MD

I was running late to the airport one day, and missed my plane. I wound up getting rerouted, and sat next to Ray Snyder [Tru-Breathe Inventor and Founder]. He brought up this thing Tru-Breathe. As an Internist for over 35 years, I had thought about the same thing for some time…inventing something that would open the nostrils for better breathing. I snore – I wanted to stop snoring. When you snore and it wakes you up it's rather embarrassing. Not to mention the long-term health effects…

Several weeks later, Ray sent me the unit. The first time I wore it I could immediately breathe through my nose. I thought, “This is great!”

Not only do I experience improved breathing through the nose and less snoring, but I get a more restful sleep. My new wife and I both do. She very much appreciates me using it.

What’s the function of the nose? It warms, humidifies and filters air for the lungs. It prepares the air that’s going into the lungs. We know that mouth breathing dries the mucus membranes and has a deleterious effect on the teeth. Nose breathing is preferred over mouth breathing -- that’s why we have a nose.  People who are mouth breathers such as myself have to learn how to trust our nose to breathe. You have to relearn to use your nose. 

In addition, long-term effects of interrupted breathing at night have been studied extensively... There can be sudden cardiac death from sleep apnea. We know the majority of strokes and heart attacks occur in the wee hours of the morning. Apnea can cause an increase in blood pressure. Sometimes hypertension is cured by fixing sleep apnea. Breathing better at night could also help with something like dementia.

Tru-Breathe can allow for uninterrupted breathing, so that you do not lose that breath, say due to a sleep apnea moment. And there are a lot of people out there who can’t afford - or refuse to wear - a sleep apnea machine. This could be a solution.  

I look forward to using it at night as part of my sleep hygiene. You might brush your teeth, floss and turn on a sleep machine...we need to add Tru-Breathe to that nightly ritual. 

As a medical professional I would recommend Tru-Breathe to anyone who snores, has sleep apnea, narrow nares, or any problems breathing through the nose anatomically.


Craig W. Herre, DDS

As a practicing dentist for 35 years who treats the entire chewing system, it is impossible to ignore the impact that sleep disordered breathing has on our outcomes. Our patients who suffer from sleep apnea also have multiple other symptoms such as severely worn teeth, difficulty swallowing and TMJD. If we are to be successful in rehabilitating our patients worn out mouths, we cannot ignore the impact of apnea.

I myself have some issues with sleep disordered breathing, including snoring and gasping for air, and have tried many other OTC or professional solutions. Recently I was introduced to Tru-Breathe and cannot believe how much better I breathe at night while sleeping. My wife says my snoring is greatly reduced and I notice a big difference in the morning. Once it is put in place you can immediately feel like the "heavens have opened up" and more air is coming in. 

I am excited to incorporate this new miracle technology into my practice. Compliance with CPAP is relatively low, and Tru-Breathe is so easy to use, making it a great alternative for those who have failed with traditional treatments.


Bart Wyman, Customer

After using Tru-Breathe I feel compelled to let you know the effects I have noticed.  The first thing was how easy it is to insert in the nostrils and how easily I was able to adjust to having it in my nose. The first night it felt quite odd to put it in and have it there; however, I slept soundly and without any awareness of it once I was able to fall asleep. I was expecting a ‘break in’ period and really it was only about ½ hour! It no longer feels awkward at all, in fact, I now feel awkward if I do not have it in.

Next was how well I was able to breathe…especially through the nostril that is mostly collapsed due to a deviated septum. Instead of needing that one nostril to breathe I’m now able to utilize both nostrils. Breathing is easier and fuller. I must be getting more [air] because of it.

Now my wife has her own story [see below], and I’ll only say this: She told me after the second or third night that whatever it cost, it was worth it since I do not snore any more. In fact she has told me she reaches over in the night to be sure I’m still breathing since I make no noise at all. She is pleased with her new ability to sleep through the night without the interruptions of my past noisy sleep patterns!

Happy Wife….Happy Life.

Lastly, I would say that I’m more awake during the day with more energy and alertness. My usual 1-2 pm fatigue and desire to have a nap has mostly disappeared. I’m more active in the evenings as well.

All in all I will not sleep without this in my nostrils. It is just that simple!


Kathryn Wyman, Customer's Wife

Just wanted to take a minute to let you know how much I appreciate the Tru-Breathe device my husband has been using. I noticed a difference right away . . . not only in the quality of sleep he is getting, but also the quality of sleep I am getting.

Since he has been using the Tru-Breathe device, I am no longer interrupted multiple times during the night because of snoring and I awaken much more refreshed and able to tackle my day more energetically.

When I saw the device, I admit I was skeptical. However, having experienced the results, we won’t be sleeping without it! Thanks so much.