Become a nose breather in one simple step!

Gently open your airways with a gorgeous piece of jewelry you’ll never want to take off. The new, attractive nasal dilator from Tru-Breathe increases your air intake through your nose - the way we were all meant to breathe – decreasing snoring and increasing energy.

Tru-Breathe can be worn in the daytime, during moderate to strenuous no-impact activity. Use Tru-Breathe at night while you sleep to reduce snoring and sleep more soundly. Tru-Breathe's benefits include:


One sterling silver nasal dilating system. No strips peeling off your skin.  No unsightly machines or complicated gadgets. Hassle-free to place, wear and remove day or night. Simple to clean too.


No drugs, chemicals or plastics. No nasal strips, plastic mouthpieces or nose cones. Those anti-storing devices are designed to be tossed and collect in landfills. Not Tru-Breathe!


Your Tru-Breathe nasal dilator comes in a beautiful compact storage case. You can bring your Tru-Breathe System anywhere. Plus, personalize either model with precious or semi-precious stones and become a rock star Tru-Breather!


Tru-Breathe’s uniquely rounded curves fit comfortably in your nasal passages to maximize air intake. The superior, customized, patented design and expert craftsmanship is like no other system.

 The Tru-Breathe System lasts a lifetime under normal conditions.